• Wall Art - Clock - Evil Eye Gold


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    Wooden Wall Art exclusively from the Jellyfish Grove Collection

    This piece of Wooden Wall Art with an "Evil Eye" symbol was designed and created to bring culture and tradition via something commonly known all over the world to your domain.

    The evil eye representation is one of the strongest symbolic images in the world and despite it's origin, which can be debated, as well as the differences in cultures that believe in the evil eye, what I love, is that the meaning for the most part is shared and remains the same between us all.

    The "Evil Eye Symbol" is thought to ward off the "Evil Eye" which is a look that can cause illness, harm and or bad luck intentionally and sometimes even unintentionally. 

    If you believe in the evil eye, than what better way to symbolise it so your beautifully protected all of the "time". 

    All products are hand crafted from start to finish and with a unique wood grain fingerprint, means no two pieces will ever be the same.

    Jellyfish Grove products are 100% Handcrafted on the Gold Coast Australia from Plantation Pine, grown right here in our beautiful country and is an environmentally friendly and sustainable product.

    This creative twist is not only perfect for you in your home, but the perfect gift for Anniversary's, Birthday's, Milestones, Weddings and more.

    Size: 275 x 275 mm
    Artwork by : Marieta Atkinson

    Wood & Image Transfer

    A tree is subjected to many elements that cause characteristics in the wood.  Characteristics like, knots, splits, dark streaks, stains and holes, that may have even been a home for an insect during the tree's lifetime.

    Every panel is selected specifically to complete a piece and once put together may have one or more of these characteristics including of course beautiful wood grain.

    These characteristics as well as the process in which we transfer an image to the timber leaving behind areas of distress is what Jellyfish Grove Planks are about.

    Care Instructions

    • Indoor use only
    • Avoid direct sunlight
    • Dust with a clean dry cloth
    • Avoid moisture
    • If wrapping for a gift, I suggest waiting until the very last minute.  With our Aussie temps and humidity, the water based non-toxic sealer used on the planks can get tacky if not out and showing off on your wall.