Photos on Wood - What to Expect

Colour & Crop

With the photo to wood transfer process, colours in the image once planked may not always look as they 'wood' in the original.  The colour of the wood and the wood grain will show through, especially in lighter areas and on lighter tones.

Some colours/tones may almost be replaced by the wood colour and grain (certain tones transfer transparently). 

For Custom Made Photos on Wood, your image may also have to be edited and cropped to work with, and fit your chosen plank.  (unless specified, this is left up to us).

Wood & Image Transfer

A tree is subjected to many elements that cause characteristics in the wood.  Characteristics like, knots, splits, dark streaks, stains and holes, that may have even been a home for an insect during the tree's lifetime.

Every panel is selected specifically for your piece and once put together may have one or more of these characteristics including of course beautiful wood grain.

These characteristics as well as the process in which we transfer an image to the timber leaving behind areas of distress is what Jellyfish Grove Planks are about.

If you... like us... love it.... then plank it.  If your after a picture perfect finish then maybe consider getting your special photo framed or an alternative.

Timber Stain

When creating your Plank you are able to choose form different Timber stains before your image is transferred.

  • Natural Pine - Exactly that, the background colour will be Natural Pine, with yellowish tones showing through.
  • White Wash - Will have a subtle whiter background colour, natural pine colours will still show through, just a little more subtly.  White Wash will also showcase your photo closer to it's true colours.
  • Farm House - Is a darker stain that really highlights the wood grain and wood features, it will give your Plank a darker look, with darker stronger wood colours showing through. 


  • All sizes are approximates, give or take a few millimetres.
  • All photos are edited to fit your chosen product/s, which means your photo may need to be cropped etc.
  • Expect perfect imperfection with the photo to wood transfer process as well as working with a natural product.

Get Creative

Planking a photo is not the classic or well worn way of showcasing a moment.  Please remember this when making your photo selection, it’s best to step away from the norm.  You’ll need to keep in mind that high quality images (min 300DPI - pixels/inch) are recommended (otherwise blurry in, blurry out) and that lighter, brighter photos work best.  Dark photos and backgrounds do not allow the beautiful wood grain and character to show through, although effective because the planks are panelled, it can take away from the magic and one of the most important components of your unique piece.  So... think outside the square and get creative.

Care Instructions

  • Indoor use only
  • Avoid direct sunlight
  • Dust with a clean dry cloth
  • Avoid moisture
  • If wrapping for a gift, we suggest waiting until the very last minute.  With our Aussie temps and humidity, the water based non-toxic sealer used on the planks and photo cubes can get tacky if not out on display.