18th January 2018

As you may or may not know, I custom make photos on wood, and I also have a small, however growing, collection of Wooden Wall Art and other Decor Accessories.  

I have previously categorised my own product to one or a just few decor styles, but over the years and as I've been making my Photo Prints on Wood with different photographs, different wood stains, I myself have realised that it doesn't quite fit just one or even just a few styles.  It suits most decor and interior design styles, and if anything compliments these styles with unique talking pieces and brings individuality to a style or theme.

I also describe my product as rustic, and it may be assumed that means a country style, however my interpretation of rustic is that it is made in a plain and simple fashion, that it's homely and modest.

I was not all that familiar with just how many styles there were, I kind of just like what I like and go with it, which sounds like a Bohemian Style, however when I look around, I think my decor is more Contemporary.  So I thought I'd give you a short and sweet description on some different decor styles as I'm learning too.


  • Here and now with no real adherence to one style in particular
  • Inviting Textures
  • Soft


  • Neutral and airy colour palettes
  • Functionality and clean lines
  • Simple and streamlined


  • Anything goes as long as you love it
  • Cool collections of bits and pieces from travels or here and there
  • Interesting talking pieces with story's behind them
  • Cool and relaxed
  • Large cushions on floors for sitting


  • Natural Inspirations
  • Raw and unfinished elements
  • Wood, Stone, Leather, Glass
  • Simplified shapes
  • Erganomic
  • Plain, Simple, Modest


  • Inspired by a warehouse or an urban loft
  • Unfinished rawness, brick, duct work, wood
  • Abstract Art or photography to add a dash of colour
  • Neutral colour scheme derived from primary materials such as wood and or metals


  • Pared down
  • Natural and organic shapes


  • Abundance of accessories
  • European influences
  • Wood
  • Rich colour pallets 
  • Variety of textures


  • Warm
  • Farmhouse inspired
  • Ornamental wood furnishings
  • Distressed wood or Raw wood
  • Antiques
  • Soft colour pallet
  • Exposed beams


  • Distressed metal
  • Distresed wood
  • Distressed leather
  • Light colour pallets, whites, creams
  • Raw materials
  • Wood with wormholes, prominent knots
  • Cosy


  • Light airy colour pallets
  • Cool neutral shades paired with blues and or greens
  • Wood
  • White painted wood
  • Accessories inspired by beach or ocean
  • Relaxed

See Gallery for inspiration on what you can create to suit your design & decor style