1st September 2017

Quick and Easy Steps to Propagate Succulents

  • Firstly all I did was gently remove a few leaves from the mummy Succulent. Make sure they are not blemished and take the leaf off at the stem keeping the base of the leaf intact.Lay the leaves in a tray for a few days until the ends have calloused. Put them in an airy spot where light is available but not in the direct sun.

  • Once the raw ends have calloused, lay them on top of well drained soil in a shallow tray that is suitable for succulents. (I just used whatever soil I had out back and mixed it with a little gravel). Mist them daily.  Again keep them in indirect sunlight.

  • Wait... Within few weeks you'll notice a tiny super cute new little plant begin to grow. Not all of mine got to this stage. But 2 out of 3 or 4 maybe 5 ain't bad. Haha. Water your plant minimally now (perfect because ain't nobody got time for that) until roots begin to show.

  • When roots appear, the original leaf will start to wither. Remove it gently (hard to do with my man hands) and then let your new baby take root itself. (if you notice your baby starting to dry out, gently and lightly cover the roots with soil).

  • Once rooted, replant your new mini Succulent as you please.

I replanted mine in egg cartons and placed them in my Candle Holders that you can find in my Interior Decor Shop Section and I absolutely love the look. The egg cartons are also perfect to start off seedlings.  Definitely a fun activity for the whole family, my kids loved getting their little hands dirty and learning in the process.  Fun and educational.


Succulents take a while to get big and established but when they do get to big for your egg carton and or Jellyfish Grove Candle Holders, just replant it, egg carton and all!  Make sure you use the paperboard egg cartons that are recyclable and biodegradable.  Greening!